Have Questions? We have the answers!



1. Will my carpet be wet after cleaning and how soon can I walk on it?

We are often asked how soon I can walk on my carpet after it has been steam cleaned.

A woollen carpet takes longer to dry than a nylon carpet, and the more humid the air is, the longer it will take to dry. With clean feet you can walk on your carpets straight away. On average in Townsville, you can expect your carpets to take around 2 to 3 hours to completely dry with ceiling fans on and windows open.

The Clean Team use powerful truck-mounted American-made extraction machines so that your carpet will never be left wet or soggy.


2. How often should I get my carpet cleaned at home?

Most household carpets should be cleaned every 12 months and the Carpet Institute of Australia recommends definitely no longer than 18 months.

Carpets actually improve the quality of the air inside your home if properly maintained. It is the largest air filter in your home trapping dirt, allergens, bacteria, pollens, chemicals, mycotoxins and other contaminates that would otherwise become airborne. Dirty carpets can adversely affect your health so make sure you have them professionally cleaned with a high powered extraction machine which will remove the horrible things trapped deep down in your carpet.


3. What benefits can regular carpet cleaning provide for a business?

Regular deep cleaning will prolong the life of the carpet in your business by removing dirt and other matter that has settled beyond the reach of a vacuum cleaner. A high quality powerful extraction machine will remove the contaminates which would otherwise become airborne affecting the health and comfort of your staff and customers. Clean carpets will also present a welcoming and caring image to your clients.


4. How far ahead do I need to book an appointment?

In most cases we can serve you within 2 days but to guarantee a certain day and time meeting your convenience, we recommend you book as early as possible. During peak seasons such as the Christmas and the New Year period, we recommend you book 2 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.


5. Are there any stains you can’t remove from my carpet?

The Clean Team only use quality American-made machinery and carry a complete range of cleaning solutions in our vans, to be able to tackle any stain we are confronted with.

Be wary of supermarket cleaners or “home remedies” as these can actually set the stain and make the job a lot harder. We recommend that in the event of a spill, just mop up the excess and call the experts straight away for free advice.


6. Do I need to move all the furniture out of the rooms when I’m having my carpets cleaned?

The Clean Team technicians will slide beds and lounges to the side to clean underneath them and then replace them for you. They will move other furniture out of the way if it is safe to do so, and then return them to their original position.


7. I think the previous owner or tenant had a pet and my carpet smells really bad. What can I do?

Stains and smells caused by pets can be unsightly and often unbearable especially in the humid months. The Clean Team can use a “Black Light” technique to show up any animal urine which can then be treated with the correct anti-microbial solution and hot water extraction.


8. I am a tenant leaving my rental property. Can you guarantee that I will get my bond back?

Our team of bond cleaners are fully trained and experienced, so they know the importance of a thorough clean. They know what property managers are looking for and have a keen eye for detail. We are the preferred cleaners for many Townsville real estates and by choosing a cleaning company that your property manager recommends, you’ll be more likely to have your bond released quickly and easily. For your carpet cleaning, we use a powerful American made extraction machinery and extensive range of cleaning solutions, the Clean Team guarantees to treat any stains individually to ensure the best results. We also give you a certificate that guarantees the carpets have been cleaned in accordance with the Australian Standard AS 3733 to hand to your property manager.


9. Why should I choose your company over any other cleaning company?

We are often asked why choose the Clean Team over any other cleaning company. Our cleaners are fully trained and insured. They have undergone a security check to set your mind at ease. They will respect your privacy and take good care of your investment. Our carpet cleaning process complies with Australian Standard AS 3733 for the cleaning and maintenance of carpets. We only employ fully trained, certified and accredited technicians who have also passed a Police Clearance check for your total peace of mind. With over 20 years of industry experience and using the latest American made cleaning machines, we will make your carpets as fresh and clean as they can be.


10. What services do you offer?

The Clean Team will look after your bond, domestic and spring cleaning, carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning, ultrasonic blind and curtain cleaning, vehicle upholstery, vinyl floor maintenance, pest control, garden maintenance and handyman services.


11. How can I pay for my service?

Payment is required at the time of service and to make this easy for you, the Clean Team technicians carry a mobile EFTPOS machine with them for payment by a credit or debit card.


12. Do your carpet cleaning technicians have any training or certifications? Are they a member of any industry related organisation?

All Clean Team carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained and recognised by IICRC – the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The Clean Team are also members of SCRIA – the Specialised Cleaning and Restoration Industry Association. This means we remain up to date with new technology, current trends and are mentored by industry leaders worldwide, giving you peace of mind that your expensive carpet will be in the best of hands.
We are also members of the Townsville Chamber of Commerce and BNI.


13. How long does a bond-return clean take?

This depends on the size and condition of your property. On average, a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home will take between 12 and 18 hours to complete to a standard that your property manager will be happy with. We usually send in a team of 2 to 4 cleaners to get the job finished in a day.


14. What is the difference between steam cleaning and dry cleaning carpet?

You should ask your carpet cleaning technician which method of carpet cleaning he prefers and uses – steam cleaning or dry cleaning. Dry cleaning uses a rotating brush with a solution soaked pad attached to it. This has very limited cleaning abilities and leaves a lot of cleaning solution in the pile as it uses no real rinsing stage. As a result, the carpet soon looks dirty again as the detergents actually attract dirt.

Steam cleaning, or hot water extraction as it is now known, is the cleaning method that almost all carpet manufacturers recommend. It is capable of cleaning deep within the pile. Cleaning solutions can be thoroughly rinsed away, providing protection for your family.


15. Do you have any references or testimonials that I could see before I choose your company?

We are proud of the reputation we have among our clients. See what our clients have to say about our services on our Testimonials page. We advise you should never engage the services of any cleaning service providers reluctant to provide you with references.


16. What type of machinery do you use when carpet cleaning?

The Clean Team uses high quality American-made extraction machinery. We have a range of powerful truck mounted machines as well as portable machines for use in high rise buildings. Our truck mounted extraction machines are as powerful as a small car, ensuring that you get the best clean possible.


17. What’s involved in domestic and spring cleaning?

The Clean Team can provide you with a fully trained, efficient and trustworthy regular cleaning team to help you out with general cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming and mopping, windows, washing and ironing – any jobs that you don’t have time for that need doing on a regular basis. We can also provide one-off cleans to help you get back on top of things and spring cleans to freshen up your home and do all those jobs you hate doing. The security of your property is paramount, so we ensure that doors and gates are always locked whilst our team weave magic on your home, and that it is left secure on our departure.


18. Does your company have adequate and current insurance?

You should always make sure that the cleaning company you choose has the right insurance so you have peace of mind when they are in your home. The Clean Team is covered for up to $10,000,000 for Public Liability and all team members are covered under a Queensland Workers Compensation Policy. You can rest assured knowing that we care for our clients’ personal property as well as our team members.


19. What’s included in the price of bond clean?

A standard bond clean will include a full wall, door frames and skirtings, light and fan switches, power points, windows, tracks and screens inside and outside, lights, air cons and fans, bathrooms, toilet and all fittings, kitchen, stove, rangehood, oven and all fittings, cupboards and wardrobes, garage / carport, patios / decks, driveway, external fascia and bins if empty. A separate price may be given for blind / curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control and rubbish removal.


20. What type of pest control services can you provide?

Our fully licensed pest control technicians provide a range o services including flea and tick treatments for bond release, spiders, ants, cockroaches and silver fish programs for home owners, we can even tackle the rat problem in your roof. The pesticides we use in household areas are safe for your family and your pets and we guarantee our treatments.


21. I’ve let the garden get out of control and now I’m moving – can you help me?

After all that packing, moving and unpacking, the last thing you want to do is have to come back to your old property and clean up the garden to keep your property manager happy. We can trim the edges, mow the lawn, poison weeds and remove any rubbish and branches that are laying around. We can also take away anything that you don’t want the hassle of moving to your new property – like old furniture and broken toys.


22. I’m leaving my rental property but have some holes in the walls I need fixing. Can you help?

Yes – definately! This is a job best left to the experts. We can organise a handyman to patch and repaint the walls for you, so you won’t lose any of your bond money.