Clean You Delicate Blinds and Curtains Without Damage…Blasting Away Dust and Grime Without Damaging Delicate Fabric.


Blind and Curtain Cleaning, If you thought of cleaning your vertical blinds or curtains in your washing machine, you may be making a huge mistake. Subjecting the delicate material to the agitation of your washing machine…plus the harsh detergents, is the reason why your blinds and curtains will end up looking frail and worn out. And what about venetian blinds…how long will it take you to thoroughly clean every blade?

A far better option is to use The Clean Team to give your blinds and curtains a thorough clean without any damage. We will remove all the dirt and dust build up, saving you the back-breaking task.

As part of the cleaning process, your blinds and curtains will also be sanitised and deodorised…so they will not only look clean, but you’ll also get rid of any lingering smell of staleness. We can also do minor repairs to blinds and provide the parts you may be missing.

Call us now on 1300DIRTFREE (1300 347 837) and ask us how to get your blinds and curtains thoroughly cleaned, without damage, AND also ask us how you could win back the entire cost of your service in cash!