Minimise Flood Damage to Your Home and Precious Belongings in and Emergency

24/ 7 Emergency Water Extraction. Sometimes accidents happen that are out of your control. They can cause stress and upheaval in your life. Maybe your washing machine burst a pipe while you were at work and you came home exhausted… to water pouring out the front door!

The moment you hang up from calling your insurer, the second call should be to The Clean Team. Our technicians will rush out and extract the excess water from your home, advise you what else you need to do and write the reports needed by your insurer. We can even supply the necessary equipment required for drying your home quickly and efficiently.

If you are ever in the unfortunate circumstance where you need someone to help you get rid of water that’s flooded into your home so it’s restored to a dry state, all you need to do is give us a call on 1300DIRTFREE (1300 347 837). We’ll do the rest and help put your mind at ease.