Garden Out Of Control? Palm Fronds and Other Rubbish Piling Up?

Do you really want to spend your whole day off carting palm fronds to the tip? What about all the other junk that you just don’t want to take with you to your next home – old broken furniture, toys that no longer work… Whether you need garden rubbish or old junk removed, we can help.

If you’re a tenant leaving your rental property or you have just sold your home and are moving on – we all have stuff laying around that is way past it’s used-by date. You can’t leave it for the next owner or tenant and you are way too busy to get rid of it yourself.

A far better option is to let us handle it all – we’ll clean up your yard, removing all the old palm branches and other rubbish laying around. And when we’re done we’ll mow and do the edges  too! We’ll even empty any wheelie bins that may be buzzing, wash them out and sterilise them.

Call us now on 1300DIRTFREE (1300 347 837) and ask us how you could win back the entire cost of your service!