Is the Exterior of you Property Looking Dull and Dusty? Or Worse – Do You Have a Build-up of Mould and Mildew Around Your House, Pool and Patios?

Dirty and dusty blockwork can really detract from the good looks of your home. You paid a lot of money for your investment, looking after it will ensure that it keeps it value over the years.

Mould and mildew around pool areas can build up quickly, especially in the warmer wet months, creating slippery spots where friends and family may slip in their eagerness to have fun.

The Clean Team can remove dirt, dust, grime, mould, mildew and moss off most hard surfaces. Our powerful commercial-quality 4000psi Water Pressure Cleaning gurney makes light work of cleaning exterior surfaces. Pumping 15 litres of water per minute makes it efficient in time and water management.

We can even attach our pavement scrubber to the gurney and make light work of scrubbing large concrete areas like driveways and patios.

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